One-minute Short Film "Isolation"
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Topic: One-minute Short Film "Isolation"

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    Question One-minute Short Film "Isolation"

    My team created this short film in a day's time. We know it turned out rushed and has many flaws, but practice is practice.
    We are interested in your thoughts about it! What do you think are our strengths and weaknesses?
    Thank you in advance! :)

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    The music and color was good. I thought that the close up shots on the actors face were too wide and a longer focal length could have been used for the close ups.

    The not that the actor reads, is out of focus on the 'you' part for a second but that's not too bad.

    The part that could use more work though is the sound, as I found it difficult to hear what the actors were saving over the traffic.

    I also noticed that you shot the movie in 1.85:1 it looks like. If that's the aspect ratio you shot it in, there is nothing wrong with that of course, and it's an interesting choice cause most filmmakers now seem to either go for 16:9 or 2.39:1 it seems. So 1.85:1 is an interesting choice :).

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    Very well shot. Great color. Great background sounds and music. Great acting.
    The volume of the spoken audio at the end is too low.

    The story explanation posted on Youtube doesn't make sense. Without reading the explanation the story of the video seemed like the scene at the beach with friends was a memory and he was actually alone at the beach maybe thinking of previous times when he was not alone. Then his friends show up but he is too bummed to go with them.

    Bumping into the same guy he already bumped and passed by earlier is confusing. Bumping a stranger once would show he is in a bad state of mind. Bumping the same guy walking in the same direction a second time is confusing. Is it a memory? Did the guy walk around the block?

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