'Monitored' - Short Crime Film
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Topic: 'Monitored' - Short Crime Film

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    Default 'Monitored' - Short Crime Film

    Hi all,

    Just finished working on a new short film - plays a little bit like the opening to a longer film but overall we're pleased with how it turned out. If you have a spare few minutes, we'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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    I liked the idea that they were screwed pretty much from the beginning

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    I liked the feel and the mood set. The dialog was decent and got the point across. In my mind I would have liked the first guy to give a little more info on why too many guards was a problem, maybe the in the climax or when they knew that had to go through with it and we calibrate the plan. I get it that it was not planned for the extra security but for those that thought as the second guy did would have brought some clarity. I liked the different perspective shots from the passenger side window to through the windshield and to the driver side. It gave the dialog a chance to get processed by the audience. I also liked that it was pretty low over to shoot and you got your point across to the audience. As as Film Maker it was inspiring, good job! keep up the good work.

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