I am sending my resume and I wish to find with whom that would be great to collaborate: agents, filmmakers, producers.
Please don't take hard to the heart some of ironical discriptions in my resume below. It is just imaginary visions.

actor/cinema actor

Searching projects and collaboration


Telephone number/whatsaapp






Date of birth: 17.02.1990
Height: 180 cm
Clothes size: 46 (European)
Shoe size: 42 (European )
Hair cokor: brown
Eyes color: brown
Colorite: bright
Appearance : European, Eastern
Shape of body: Sportif, slim
Nation: multinational
Psychotype: paranoid
Confession : confessing the" Have No-Idea"

Education : 1.Art of acting
2.Social services

Additional trainings:

Acting classes by Tschekov method. Acting by Straseberg's method
Stanislavskii school classes.



Experience in cinema/photo/video/theatre:

Since 2013


Comedies, Drama, Action, Criminal, Psychology, Love story, Horror


Actor, the usual participation takes hold of the cinema sphere. But above playing in movies I have idea in foreign languages, taking interpreter-guide and language training jobs.
I have good notion and knowledge in psychology and psychiatry. My position is that acting, the subconscious and psychicly mental condition are inextricably connected to one another.
Also my passion is Intellectual games, a "SPORTIF MAFIA" game to be exact, coming out as an intellectual game judge. And must underline that logical consequence is also an essential tool in making movies and playing roles.
I prefer playing in divers genres. One of my target purposes is to consolidate the basis of the long-time collaboration relationship addition to finding interesting projects.
The biggest part of my experience belongs to participating in short movies, feature full-lenght films of different styles and genres.
I appear as a firmly confident and positively purposeful human and person and has been in search of persons of the same kind for building a collaboration relationship, those who don't mention over-smarted books and magazines, who don't require an opinion outside, who are not looking forward to being recieved the signs of the approbations by over-human and supernatural beings and fate, Bible and religions, Devil and God; who are not used to follow the instructions by mothers "I MUST", "I AM NOT DESERVING", "I HAVE NO TALENT AND NO GIFT" and "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE" - in order to find an exuse for their own idleness and laziness, discharging themselves from responsibility and transferring it to some kind of emptiness.
(The description is not supposed to affect religions and belief and confessions)

Also I have screenplays ready-made and ideas for filming.

Some of my films, reels and videos:

Thank you for your attention!

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