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  • THE COIN: Mystery/horror short film

    THE COIN: Mystery/horror short film

    Hi guys! I'm an amateur and just like making short little flicks. This one is about a man whos mother goes missing, and a stranger at the funeral gives him a mysterious coin- that brings him bad luck.
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  • A Brief History of “Lucha Libre” Films

    A Brief History of “Lucha Libre” Films

    After soccer, “lucha libre” is the second most popular sport in Mexico. Since its national prominence the Mexican movie industry produced a genre of “lucha-hero” films, starring some of the best masked wrestlers in the country. All of these movies (like the “lucha libre” comic books) incorporated bizarre plots, hand-to-hand combat sequences, odd musical scores and footage of real and staged wrestling matches.
    The popularity of “lucha libre” films increased between the late 1950s’ to the m...
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