For my story, the main character, a cop has to find a way to catch the villain, but he needs to find out who the main villain is. There is a group of villains, and he wants to find out who the leader is. The police only knows who two of the members are and one of them was arrested, but then let go, on not enough evidence to prosecute.

So the main character decides that he is willing to break the law to find out who the leader is. He knows that the one suspected who was arrested and the let go, most likely did not pay for his own attorney and that someone else could have footed the bill while the suspect was in custody. So he decides to hack into the lawyer's computers to find out who was paying the bill, as the lawyer needs to have that person legally documented, or he can break into the office, and find it on paper or on computer that way.

So after he finds the name and info of the person who payed the lawyer, it turns out to be the gang leader.

However, I find this kind of underwhelming and it doesn't seem like as much of an aha moment, where he would put all these clues together and then figure something out. The detective/cop heroes in fiction, often have aha moments and this movie scene came to mind here. He has his moment at 3:30 into the clip about:

However, for my villain, he seems to have not left any clues behind at the crime scene, that the more forensic psychologists would have not have picked on before. So I can't think of anything that the hero would pick up on that everyone else would have missed. In the clip, the hero picks up on a padlock as being the clue that he puts all the other pieces together.

But for mine, I can't really think of a clue that brings everything together, at least not that doesn't make the hero seem too psychic.

So since I can't find a clue that he would pick up on, that everyone else could miss, I came up with the illegally obtaining of privileged information from the lawyer, cause only he would do that with his personal grudge, compared to the other police.

But what do you think? Perhaps that idea is good too, and I am over-analyzing the need for a good aha moment? Another thing is, why would the main character bother to challenge himself, with trying to lock a bunch of clues together, when he can just get a hacker, and choose to take a short cut?

What do you think?

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