I'm making some changes in a script in order to simply the plot, but simplifying the forensics. However, I am kind of just using artistic license and making things up, but wonder if that is okay, or do people expect total realism when it comes to the science, or what do you think?

Basically for my story, I have a protagonist who needs to fake his death for his plan to work, that is, if faking his death is possible under these circumstances. I don't want him to have to go out and kill someone in order to do it, cause he is not that immoral, and is not wanting to kill a helpless person to succeed in his goal.

However, a woman is killed earlier in the story, that he can get to her body first before anyone else and use her to his advantage of faking his own death. But let's say he has to make everyone believe, that he is her. He would I guess do something like burn the body, and switch the dental records to his, right? But even if he can switch IDs with her, can he make a the people doing the autopsy believe that it's her even though it's a woman's body and not a mans?

Or will audiences believe it, if he does?

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