need audio help for interview style film
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Topic: need audio help for interview style film

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    Question need audio help for interview style film

    OK, so my problem is that I'm not very experienced in the realm of audio recording, cameras are my expertise but this will be the first video I've done where I let the camera roll for over an hour and its proving to be more difficult than i thought. i will be using two cameras (one for the subject & one for the interviewers) I plan on using two lapel mics for the two individuals being interviewed and a simple rode mic for the interviewers as there will be roughly 3 or 4 of them. so that's 3 mics in total.

    i want to record audio separate from video but i have never done this before and i need a device that i can plug 3 mics into or an adapter that will let me channel all 3 into one audio jack and simply record off a computer using recording software.

    if anyone can help me out that would be great, id love a link to something that would allow me to connect and record all 3 mics, id even be perfectly fine with some adapter for my PC or something. normally id record audio by hooking them to the cameras but dealing with the interruption of video recording limits in DSLR cameras would mean that id also get stops in audio every 30 minutes. i can just cut between cameras when ones stops and i have to start recording again no problem. however i wouldn't be able to cut between audio, since it would stop the same time the camera stops.

    sorry for rambling so much this has all been such a headache for me, but a great learning experience. anyway please HELP thanks!

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    I use the Zoom R16 stand alone recorder to record audio on up to 8 tracks simultaneously. It can also be used as a DAW, connected to a computer, but I prefer to record on the memory card in the recorder and download my tracks to the computer when I am finished recording, as there is zero latency when listening to the recording on the recorder with headphones while recording. You can have a separate track for each mic and also record room sounds from the two onboard mics. Since they start at the same time all your Zoom R16 audio tracks will be in sync. I use the camera audio to sync the video to my Zoom audio tracks then mute the camera audio before rendering. This way you have a visual audio track from the camera synced to the video on the timeline that you can visually line up to your Zoom audio tracks on the editor timeline. Having separate audio tracks for each mic lets you edit each audio stream as needed for volume, noise, mic hits, coughs, etc. I listen to the zoom recording on headphones while shooting and recording. It also lets you adjust the volume independently for each mic. I use Adobe Premiere Pro as my video editor as it is synced with Adobe Audition for audio editing. This lets me cut and edit all the audio tracks from the Premiere Pro video timeline.

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    When you say you are recording with a rode, do you mean a rode mic on a boompole? Or where is the rode mic mounted?

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