Hi all,

I'm looking to shoot a short film on 16mm in the near future, and was hoping for some recommendations of cameras to look into. Bearing in mind that I have to consider other aspects of the shoot, including lenses, I'm willing to pay around 1000.

Some features I'm looking for are:

Consistency in registration - one thing I've learned from watching various tests is that the results of a given film stock can range from professional to unusable depending on the precision of camera movements.

Sync sound - I'm not worried about the volume of the camera itself, since I'll most likely dub dialogue after filming, but I was hoping to use a simple field recorder on set to make the dubbing process easier. Obviously this won't work if there is too much frame rate deviation.

Ability to hand hold/shoulder mount.

So far, the Eclair NPR is looking like the best bet, but I'd appreciate any other suggestions.

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