Hey all,

Though I've been producing my own content and I've been on the outskirts of the film/production world, I've found myself working for a small tech company that features in-house content for the brands we're partnered with. My director recently told me to prepare for scaling, and asked me what I would need to get to the next level! While this is all so exciting, it's also frightening. I find myself asking myself if I could handle scaling. I know it's more of a fear than an actuality, but I'd figure I'd ask some folks (you all) what you think I'd need in the near future. So far we have:

An editor, a videographer, a writer, actors, and I'm the producer with my hat in all other aspects of production.

I do not need any equipment advice or anything to do with other aspects of production, but the producer him/herself. Are there legal aspects of production I should familiarize myself with? Should I look into vendors? Casting connections? Any advice would be gladly appreciated.