"Detours" feature film

Production photos from "Detours," which wrapped Oct 17. See www.detoursfeaturefilm.com for more info.
  1. Detours co-stars Carlo Fiorletta and Tara Westwood
  2. Vanessa Aspillaga as Megan - corporate lawyer and bff of the main character (Jennifer Giraldi, played by Tara Westwood).
  3. Deirdre O'Connell (Beth) and Carlo Fiorletta (Dan) in a scene from Detours.
  4. Carlo Fiorletta stars as Dan Giraldi, and is also a producer.
  5. Left to right:  Phyllis Somerville, Carlo Fiorletta, and Tara Westwood in a scene from Detours.
  6. Phyllis Somerville wields a baseball bat :)
  7. Michael Pressman is better known as a director & producer of TV shows (Blue Bloods, NCIS) but plays a theater director in Detours.  He's shown here...
  8. Opening scene of the movie:  Vanessa Aspillaga (left) plays the best friend of Jennifer Giraldi, played by Tara Westwood.
  9. The climactic scene of the movie involved 2 boats on Tampa Bay; we put our boom op on top of one of the boats to eliminate boom shadow.
  10. Debargo Sanyal as Rajiv, motel clerk & aspiring rapper.
  11. Paul Sorvino ("Goodfellas") was a delight to have on set.  He's shown here with our line producer, Caryl Pierre.
  12. Michael Cerveris with Tara Westwood.  He won a Tony Award for the musical "Assassins" and can currently be seen on "The Good...
  13. Kim Director (left) plays Tara Westwood's late mother in flashback scenes.
  14. Aaron Roman Weiner mostly place serious TV roles (you can see him as an FBI agent on "The Americans") but was marvelously funny in his Detours...
  15. Mara Lesemann, Tara Westwood, and actor Richard Kind after shooting his scene for Detours.
  16. Tara Westwood stars as Jennifer Giraldi, and is also a producer.
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