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Writer/Producer Kim Delgado has written screenplays and treatments for full-length feature films, television projects, and cartoon-animation. Mr. Delgado has also written for advertising, industrial training venues and educational presentations. Mr. Delgado is a WGA member.

NOW AIRING ON LIFETIME/Worldwide airing starting March 3rd2009
Third highest NETWORK RATING all time for LIFETIME TV Movie
Taken In Broad Day Light: Based on the true story of the Anne Sluti Kidnapping.
Log Line: “Master fugitive” Tony Zappa kidnaps a sixteen-year-old girl and drives her fifteen hundred miles over seven days in an attempt to satisfy his need to be loved. Tortured, raped and in constant fear for her life Anne Sluti uses her inner mind to stay alive. The FBI finally corners the pair in a cabin and Anne is forced to negotiate her freedom over a ten-hour period with the deranged perpetrator ready to kill her and himself at a moments notice. Written By Kim Delgado

Full Scripts Available:

ELEMENT…based on a true story (script avail)
Log-Line: Super star Florida State Prosecutor Alan Bell is exposed to toxic chemicals and forced to live near death, in a bubble for eight agonizing years. Upon emerging from his self imposed prison, Alan has established a “sixth sense” which he uses to take down over two hundred corporate polluters, finally avenging his exposure to lethal elements that had left him on death’s doorstep.

Ramp-Rats/Sky Thief (Based On A True Story) (Script Avail)
An action drama based on the 1989 arrest of sixty-three Eastern airlines baggage handlers and the subsequent closing of Eastern airlines. Two versions of the same film exist with modifications that include a white protagonist for Sky Thief and a black protagonist for Ramp Rats. Changes between the two scripts also include character and plot divergences.

He Who Lives By The Sword (Script & Treatment Avail)
Log Line: An inter-agency operation partners NSA Agent Nick Stone with ATF agent Pam Brooks; together they save The President Of The United States, his daughter and a council of NATO ministers from the maniacal intent of an Eastern European arms dealer and his South American cartel partner.

Dreams Of Gold (Based On A True Story) (Script Avail)
Log Line: Gerald Tinker’s rise to track and football stardom as told through his mother’s
Eyes, the story goes from personal tragedy to receiving a gold medal in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Exchange Of Power (script avail)
(Inspired by true events)
Log Line: The fall of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin drug empire and the rise of the Cali cartel are the backdrops for this “inspired by true events” story. DEA Agent Mac McManus foils the new drug czar’s attempts to smuggle a billion dollars worth of cocaine into the US.

Good-Bye Johnny Boy (Script Avail)
Log Line: A brilliant carpentry foreman “Johnny Savage” fights off alcoholism and nightmares of a tragic past to win the heart of his beautiful and talented supervisor Linda and reawakening his architectural genius to save the failing company.

Coyote Crossing (Inspired by True Events) (Script avail)
Log Line An award winning investigative reporter defies death searching for her Nanny’s daughter, who is caught up in the dangerous underworld of brutal Coyote and Pollero smugglers.

Development Portfolio Continued:

Chechnya Mist (Script & Treatment Avail)
Log Line: Guided by British Intelligence, a CIA and KGB team investigates the disappearance of a deadly poison and foil a plot by a revenge driven Russian general to gas Moscow killing millions.

CAMPUS BLOOD: “Horror” Treatment Avail
Log-Line: College Custodian Ezekiel Uriah ingenuously tortures and beheads college co-eds to fulfill his twisted teen revenge fantasies

CAMPUS BLOOD 2 “Skin Tight” Treatment Avail
Log-Line: Makah Uriah continues his family’s murderous tradition of killing young college co-eds for his twisted version of revenge.

CAMPUS BLOOD 3 “The Beginning” Treatment Available
Log Line: Zachariah Cane Uriah is a pastor of god, but clings tight to his demons murdering young college harlots to rid the earth of their sins.

Interrogation (TV PILOT) (Script Avail)
Log Line: A fading older Caucasian detective teams up with an energetic African-American woman: together they bond becoming a formidable team.

Can’t Win For Losing (Treatment Avail)
A former pro-ball player manages the whacky antics of a touring woman’s softball team through the ups and downs of sex, drugs, egos, scandel and corruption, to win a national championship.

Purgatory: FINISHED..NOW SHOPPING FOR DEAL (Twilight Zone Short)
Log Line: A Caucasian middle class bourgeois-lawyer and an urban African-American man find themselves between heaven and hell trying to figure out how they got there and where they’ll be going in their future.

Battling Garages/RAW….(Reality Show) Sizzle Demo Reel Available….Astro Tires Tycoon & Custom Cycles Guru Brent Barry, share location customers and mutual dislike. Other show regulars include Mary Lher Eddie’s spend thrift girl friend, Ted Way the resident redneck and two wacky Latin tire-changers. The show represents “Hot Chicks, Hot Bikes, and Hot Cars”, with a large dose of automotive/cycling expertise. Couple that with the RAW behavior of Eddie and Brent and you have non-stop combustion.

Leavenworth Seven (Treatment Available)
Log Line: Hard-nosed Marine Sergeant Matt Steele is tasked with training seven condemned Marines to fight terrorist Jihad on American soil.

NIRUBU…The second coming (Treatment Available)
Log Line: Double agent Matt Stowe’s investigation off a five hundred million dollar gold bullion theft, leads to drug cartels, arms caches and the uncovering of ancient evil bent on world destruction.

Other Projects Available

Supa Dude and crew (Sk8hard-Live Action)-Web link
(DVD Multi-Media Presentation & Show Bible Avail) (Live Action Script Avail)
A skateboarding accident creates “Supa Powers” for Tyler Austin who leads his crew; Venus, Link, Mogol & Bear, in the fight to keep their neighborhood safe from Ricky “The King” Kincaid and his mountain biking marauders & Freddie “The Freak” Fredericks a geeky-smelly roller-blading genius.

One Squirrel Two Squirrel (Show Bible & Animation Art Avail)
Nick and Betty are two zany squirrels with a brood of twelve wild children. Grandmother Mavis is the home training specialist who keeps the kids in line. They all live in MAC, a magic tree and interact with Big Forrest’s other loveably wacky ensemble including: Henna Peacock, Morton Mongoose, Vinnie Two Squirrel, Billy Raccoon, and Wiley Wildebeest.

Animation in development:
Zoo Animals-Farm animals really run this farm.
Buchzie & Bighead-Spoiled rotten kids fight for fun.
The Kids From Fuldon aka “Orbit”- A magic school bus in outer space.
(Ken Levin Project)
Jack The Giant Slayer-Updated Jack and the Beanstalk (PEZ Production)

Feature and Television Development Projects.

The Crusaders….based on the life of Alan Bell…Threatment Avail
Log–Line: World-[at]‐renowned environmentalist Alan Bell uses a “sixth sense” leading his team in detecting and prosecuting environmental hazards.

First Class
Log Line: Three stewardesses get involved over their heads in a dangerous jewel heist and have to come to terms with themselves to resolve inner conflicts.

Development Portfolio Continued:

The Moor (Period Dramatic Action/Treatment Available)
Log Line: An English King grants a duke-ship to a former African King who had saved his life. After a premature demise, the former African King’s son must fight for his father’s English title and rights.

Stone Cold Dead
Log Line: The continuation of character Nick Stone and his NSA adventures. Agent Stone must steal a deadly virus from Russian scientists to create an antidote and foil middle-east enemies who plan to use the virus on Washington and New York.

Dogs Of Feather
Log Line: Two feuding animal trainer’s dogs fall in love pushing the trainers into a spontaneous love relationship.

Shadows Of Abduction (Treatment Available)
Log Line: An abducted teenage girl fights for freedom in a harrowing escape from an international slave market.

The Moolanoong
Log line: An African American man is drawn into intrigue with old high school friends and finds out that his real father is an important mafia capo.

Parallel Intentions (Treatment Available)
Log Line: Two high school teachers investigate the disappearance of some of their Pakistani students and stumble into espionage and danger, saving an American CIA Team and diffusing a plot to blow up three mosques by white supremacist.

Kiwi Red…. man on the run
An overzealous cop is given the choice to work on a deep undercover operation or lose his job. After two years of undercover immersion his cover is blown the operation pulled, leaving him exposed to the cut-throat underworld. He’s now the hunted, a man on the run

That Thang (TV PILOT Treatment Available)
Log Line: Two horny college freshmen adapt to campus life while constantly trying to score with the opposite sex.

Black & Blue (TV PILOT Treatment Available)
Log Line: A former cop and mob underling team up after their prison release and become detectives. They crusade to right societal wrongs as they search for the people who framed them.

House Of Dreams (TV PILOT Treatment Available)
Log Line: Brian Allen inherits an old Victorian mansion. The former musician gets help from neighborhood kids and fixes up the mansion. In exchange for their work on the mansion, Brian helps them prepare for auditions to prestigious arts programs and industry related jobs, reliving the dreams he once had as a youth.

Pound of Flesh (TV PILOT Treatment Available)
Log Line: Two plastic Surgeons start their practice over in the zany world

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