Hello -

I'm new to this forum, but I was told this is a good place to generate interest in crowd-funded film projects. I'm working on a new film called "Georgie Porgie Pudding & Spy." It's filmed on a Canon C200 and JVC LS300, using vintage Nikon/Contax/Yashica lenses. A couple of us are in the film industry, but most of the crew have other professions and are just enjoying making the movie.

We're about 2/3 of the way through production, but we need some help to finance a film score, special effects, and post-production.

As far as the "feel" of the film, think "Tinker Tailor" meets "Capricorn One" and "The Conversation". Here's the link to the gofundme:


This is a labor of love for me and my friends, with whom I've been producing small-budget films for over 20 years. This is our first feature-length, and so far it's looking really great. Any help you all can provide, whether it be financial or just advice, is most appreciated!

Nathan T. Ryan

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