What should my credit be?
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Topic: What should my credit be?

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    Default What should my credit be?

    Hey all, I've got a weird one and I'm very new to all of this.

    I work for a 501(c)(3) arts institution that has commissioned a piece of video art from an artist. I work for the curator who commissioned the film so I have been the contact person. This is a SAG production and for legal reasons the producer is listed as the institution, with the executive director of the institution signing. Multiple people in and around the project have told me that I should be credited as a producer but I don't know enough about this kind of thing.

    Here is a non-comprehensive list of things I have done:
    • Location scouting, documenting potential locations, negotiating with director's chosen building owners, etc.
    • Sourcing some equipment (DP handled all camera/mic/lighting equipment), outside car services, finding and renting space for a ready room, etc.
    • Finding a sound guy
    • Collecting headshots/resumes to pass to the director, organizing all aspects of auditions and handling all communications with the actors the director chose, sitting in on auditions and reading, negotiating pay offers within the budget for the chosen actors, booking hotels and handling travel arrangements for out of town actors, sourcing costumes.
    • All communication with SAG, negotiating what kind of agreement this would fall under, collecting documents to submit (curator created the budget but I was updating it based on SAG fees like P&H as things came up), handling all paperwork, etc. Everything but the signature.
    • Securing production insurance, a payroll house, contracts for locations and freelance crew members
    • Creating call sheets, on set work getting stage food, organizing meals, keeping track of SAG time reports, collecting signatures on all documents, managing an intern, etc.

    Also, here's an idea of who else is actually involved:
    • the artist/director
    • DP (friend of the artist)
    • Freelance production sound mixer
    • 1st AC and a G&E who we're 'renting' from the same company we're renting our camera equipment from
    • An intern who works for the same institution as me
    • Me

    That's everyone

    So what should my credit be? My only hesitation with 'producer' is whether or not that automatically conveys some kind of legal liability for the production should anything go wrong. I'm an employee of the 'production company' in this instance but I'm not legally able to do business on behalf of the institution in that way. Does this matter? Is it really just a matter of a credit or does it come with further complications? I'm really fine with just being the Unit Production Manager, though I wouldn't turn down a Producer credit if I could have it.

    All thoughts appreciated!

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    First, welcome to Filmmaker Forum!

    Second, yes it sounds like you should be credited as a producer. If you look at the scrolling credits of recent movies, there are often many (many) producers, and it seems reasonable that you should have such a credit.

    Third, if possible you should negotiate these things in advance.

    Fourth, there's nothing to prevent anyone from being sued for anything. But I suggest that you draw up a contract/agreement between you and the production company that states that you do not claim any ownership of the project.

    Good luck!

    Screenwriter and script consultant: www.maralesemann.com

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    production assistant

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