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Need to create a website for my film

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  • Need to create a website for my film

    Hey guys,

    I need to create a website for my film, does anyone have any recommendations on what to use. What did you use for your site?
    What hosting did you use?

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    I have a friend who does it for me, but I can tell you that we host on GoDaddy, and she designs on WordPress.
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      I recommend designing on Weebly. I use 1 and 1 for hosting, but recently their rates have been going up, so Go Daddy might be a better option.



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        I think for something like that Wordpress with some sort of shared hosting will work.

        Wordpress will allow you to choose between hundreds of different themes.


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          I think it depends if you need to use a free web hosting site or if you need to actually host the site. If you are hosting just one single domain I am not sure it is worth paying for hosting.

          You can use blogger, or to build a website. The nice thing about blogger is that it is owned by Google and you are instantly indexed and get an amazing amount of traffic. It is not that difficult to create a professional looking website on blogger if you know what you're doing.If you have a single

          Another free web hosting site that has templates ready for you to use that are incredible is Wix. You do not have to know anything about codes. They used a what you see is what you get type of publisher or you can drag and drop things right on the page. It is by far the most unique and easy to build webpages that I have seen for someone who does not understand codes. So I would recommend that you would look over at Wix and set up a test site by choosing one of the templates and playing around with it for a while. You will be greatly surprised by the results and will not need a webmaster.
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            For hosting - GoDaddy.

            I'm the one who makes the design and the code for my web sites, I don't use any CMS.


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              I used Weebly to design and my hosting is with


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                Weebly works really well and I hear its free, plus you can insert HTML/CSS if you want to. But they have lots of great templates, so you probably won't even have to learn coding languages. Good luck!


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                  For hosting use GoDaddy.

                  If you want your site to have admin panel and etc use Wordpress and buy some there(there are and good free ones tho). If you want just one page website with your own design - HTML, CSS and JS.

                  My current job is with HTML, CSS and, you can PM me these days if you want. Good luck. :)