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  • We Fund You To Collaborate - $105,000 reasons to like Writers and

    Best short film competition EVER!!

    The winning filmmaker wins up to $25k to shoot one of the top 10 scripts. Winning writer receives up to $10k for their short script! (Features win $50k and $20k).

    Writers judge filmmakers and filmmakers judge writers. It’s that simple! We fund you to collaborate.

    Writers watch films and chose the best filmmaker. The filmmakers read scripts and select the top ten scripts. The winning filmmaker then chooses one of the best ten scripts to film and we provide funding for the production. The screenwriter gets financial compensated for their script and their script is actually made. The filmmaker gets funding to shoot the script, and enough to market it - especially if it's a short!

    Do you think it's possible to crack into TIFF or Sundance with over fifteen thousand entries? Wouldn't you rather compete with only 500 people, and then get your work funded for your next project, all based on what the community believes should be funded. No need for a tiny panel of judges who might not be fair.

    Go to to enter for free, pay when the comp starts (This way we are not holding your money). Approximately 500 writers and 500 filmmakers can enter - A max of one thousand entries.

    The filmmaker owns 100% of the film. owns 0%.

    Why do we say “up to”? It’s free to enter until the competition starts, but we understand that some people sign up and then don't commit. So we have to go on without them!
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    I have found that this post is a duplicate to make other websites on the web. At we strive for real posts and real conversations between people.

    Please re-write your posted so less that 30% is duplicate content, or your post will be deleted.




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      Hi, sorry what do you mean "make other webswebsite on the web"? How is this a duplicate?


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        Originally posted by Writers and Filmmakers View Post
        Hi, sorry what do you mean "make other webswebsite on the web"? How is this a duplicate?
        Sorry ROBOT is still a learning algorithm. What he is trying to say is your post is duplicated content (AKA you are copying and pasting this same text on a ton of sites, which we do not allow here)

        The system will auto delete your post unless you change the text so its not the same as these other sites. Here is how ROBOT finds this out
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          All hail the guardian Robot


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            Hi, Is the robot able to tell me which websites its on? Because if it's on my own website, then does that count? I'm not trying to be a smartass. I will change it.


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              Okay so clicked on the link. Interesting there were about 14 real sites which had my content. My google+ page, my vimeo page, my youtube page, my actual website and 7 are festival entry sites like filmfreeway. So, it was on 1 other page that could i would consider 'copying'. Is that really copying my content on a ton of sites?

              NOT trying to be rude.


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                Dude just comply with the robot. Change the post or it will be EXTERMINATED!


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                  Originally posted by Mick Scarborough View Post
                  Dude just comply with the robot. Change the post or it will be EXTERMINATED!

                  Mick, How do I know when the edits are sufficient? I've made a decent attempt. Sorry for bothering. Does it say something?


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                    I really don't know. Perhaps just rewrite the entire post giving the same info but saying it in a different way.

                    This has got to be the best short film contest you've ever seen!

                    The winner will be awarded up to $25K to use in the shooting of one of the top ten scripts. The winning screenwriter will win up to $10K for their short script with feature length screenplays winning $20K and $50K.

                    We kept it simple. The writers will judge the filmmakers and the filmmakers will judge the writers. Your collaboration is funded by us.

                    Writers will select the best filmmaker from the films they watch then that filmmaker will read those writers screenplays and choose the ten best. The winning filmmaker then picks the one he wants to make from that top ten. The writer is paid for his script and gets to see it become a film! The filmmaker gets his funding to shoot and even market the film, especially if its a short!

                    TIFF and Sundance get over 15,000 entries every year! Its like playing the lottery to get your film noticed. Imagine a contest where you only compete with 500 other people and then get your film funded based on what your peers believe should be funded. Peers, not a panel of judges that may not be as fair as you'd like.

                    Visit to enter. No need to pay now, you can do that when the competition begins. Approximately 500 writers and 500 filmmakers can enter. That's a maximum of 1000 entries.

                    The filmmaker owns the resulting film, we stake no claims in it.

                    The prize money is taken from entry fees so the awards may be smaller if the entries do not fulfill their commitment.

                    See. You could have done that.


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                      That was nice of you Mick! :)

                      Well the post is still there so ROBOT must not be marking it as duplicate content. I'll check out your site, you had very valid questions. The answer is I believe the algorithm is set to allow 1 site to have the same content, otherwise it will tell the user to re-write the post.

                      Welcome to Filmmaker Forum by the way!
                      Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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                        I have a question. So, it's free to enter till the contest starts, then you have to pay right? So, it's not really free. You're just allowing people to join without paying right away. Am I mistaken on this?


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                          You are correct UniqueamI. Because we don't have an official 'start date', we don't want to be holding people's money for 6months or something. When we reach 1000 commited entries, we will ask those who have not already paid to pay so we can get the competition started.

                          Hope this helps.

                          I suggest reading the FAQ's too if you have time!

                          Thanks for your question.