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  • ShowBizCentral - Entertainment Industry Platform - Jobs and Portfolios Free Resource

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    Short description:
    Entertainment Industry platform that aggregates job feeds from 15 different sources. In addition to providing a place to showcase, manage and distribute your professional portfolio for FREE.


    "During my many years in the television and film industries, I have seen how difficult it is for artists to break into the business and to advance and promote their careers. Connecting with agents and managers, as well as producers, studio and network/cable execs is nearly impossible. Making contact with others with whom to collaborate on development of projects, production of shorts, indie films, webisodes and even sample material is a difficult networking task. Even after you have succeeded in breaking into the business by getting your first job or getting an agent, how can you effectively help your agent or manager promote you and create new opportunities?

    ShowBizCentral was created with the goal of helping actors, writers, directors, producers, production crew, and executives manage and promote their projects and careers with the most up-to-date customized software. Our tools and information help people achieve easier entré into the entertainment industry, give them more access to the professional and aspiring talent community, and offer tools to help everyone manage their day-to-day work more effectively and more profitably. As our community grows, we are constantly adding more tools and resources to help you, the artists and executives, strive for greater success in your careers. ShowBizCentral will become your indispensable resource to assist you on your creative journey through a career in film, television and digital media." ~ Marc Pariser


    Our mission is to become the global platform for transacting business in film, television and digital media so that we become your indispensable tool for managing and advancing your career and your projects. We serve the industry and you, our members, with integrity, with a constant drive to create effective tools to make the industry more efficient and more profitable for you, and to serve all our members at every stage of your professional careers, from your entry into the business, throughout the growth of your careers, to your post-career life.

    What is ShowBizCentral

    ShowBizCentral is the revolutionary new platform that connects all the talent in show business. Actors, writers, directors, producers, production crew and executives – virtually everyone in the entertainment industry - can use ShowBizCentral to operate more efficiently, find critical information, and achieve greater success. Whether you are represented by an agent, or not, ShowBizCentral helps create more access and helps you navigate the increasingly complex landscape of the entertainment industry.

    What makes ShowBizCentral different:

    ShowBizCentral is unique because it brings all the talent groups and industry executives together, and provides tangible tools for managing and promoting your careers and projects. Based on years of real world success in the business, ShowBizCentral's tools are designed By Professionals, For Professionals. ShowBizCentral is for everyone in the entertainment industry, from the artist and their representatives to production and development executives...and for all those of you trying to break into the industry to pursue your dreams.


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