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    Ya'll should go check out this website.'s currently down but will be back up at Midnight EST.

    It's got everything to do with tech and is a brand new community owned by people that are just as friendly as those here so you guys should love it. I'm not saying leave this site for this. It's a whole different community. I encourage you to use both sites. If you do sign up, message the owner of the site saying a referred you guys. :D

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    Question, what made you share this? I highly doubt you just found it and felt like sharing a forum that is basically empty... Why are you sharing this?
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      A very good friend of mine started up the website and I'm helping him get it known.


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        That is right! We are having a referral competition. Tell all of your friends about our website. Just be sure you tell them to put your username in the "Referred By" Field!

        To win this competition, active users, the users need to be active, simply telling a friend will not do, be sure the people you tell have an interest in something on our board, whether graphics, gaming or just general discussions, it does not matter as long as they are actively contributing to the community! They must be active for at the very least, one month in order for you to be eligible.

        This Competition will go until 04/21/13 and the results will of the competition will be posted on 05/21/13.

        Place's and Prize's!

        One Month as an Elite Member + Custom Title.
        One Week as an Elite Member.
        Custom Title.

        Be sure you get started right away, this is a competition! You never know, the 5 minutes that you put this competition aside, someone else could've gotten a 2 referral lead on you...
        Or it was from this :) I am always curious behind motives on trying to fill a forum with members but using other forums. I remember when this forum had 15 members, Nick offered a service, he spent the time to answer peoples questions about the film industry and what happens is because there is value here others wanted to jump in ask questions as well.


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          It really has nothing to do with that. I was helping him before I knew about that.