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Tommy Pietch Faceoff Audition Video

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  • Tommy Pietch Faceoff Audition Video

    Tommy Pietch is one of the kindest, most caring SPFX guy I have ever met. He created our creature for "The Recording" and is also staring on SyFy's FaceOff this season! Tommy Pietch is going to do great in the film and spfx business because of his talent and his heart. I haven't seen FaceOff yet, but im 100% sure that you all will see this in him as well. Below is a audition take of Tommy Pietch for SyFy's FaceOff!

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    The face looked excellent. He seems like a nice guy. My ex-bassist has the same sideburns, they have to go.:D


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      Tommy is awesome. He has been very helpful with me answering questions about how to get started in making masks among other things. I agree with you 100% Nick he is very kind hearted and will go far. I have more praise to add about Tommy. I recently needed an interviewee from the industry for a project in Art History. He offered to answer the questions for me. His answers were beyond what I expected. They were well thought out and showed that he was truly passionate about his craft. His response time was two days even with his busy schedule.
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