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    Hey guys, I just registered on here and wanted to introduce my self, My name is Race Reed, I have a few videos I will post on here shortly. I recently started a website called Five Minute Films for indie filmakers and such, it was built for people like you and I and is totally free to join,upload and watch. There are No ads and I would love to see your videos on the site. Check it out, sign up and upload your videos, I will feature any videos on the site and tweet them to my followers as well as add them to our facebook fan page. Im not here to promote my self, but to help promote you! This is what this site was built for. Check it out!!:D

    here are some of my videos:
    Promotional film i did on a contemporary house
    Five Minute Films - Contemporary House

    short promotional film on a more modern/contemporary house
    Five Minute Films - Modern House