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  • VUDU Xbox 360 app - You Suck

    VuDu Sucks!

    Im sorry but after last night I had to come on here and create a thread about my experience with VuDu on my Xbox 360

    So I found a movie that was my first film job "Production Assistant, also helped out with being an extra, and some stunts. SO i was really excited to see it! I very happily spent $2.99 (SD) "Standard Definition" and waited a few minutes to load, "No problem" I thought to myself.
    The film starts and within 12 seconds its starts to buffer the video. Then it starts to play again, but this time 5 seconds after it was playing it started to buffer AGAIN! "Now im getting pissed" I said to myself.
    Four minutes in, and the 32nd time buffering I finally get a message stating the "MY" internet connection is to slow!!!!! WTF, I have netflix streaming, and iTunes, and I never, never have issues like on this VUDU app for the XBOX 360!
    So now, I have a movie ive been dieing to watch, and it is officially unwatchable, due to "VUDU's" crappy server! Not my internet that works just fine for other apps like Netflix on the XBOX 360!

    A little message to VUDU.... Your App Sucks.
    Stop taking money from people if you can't deliver!
    Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue