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    Here's the imdb page and trailer to my first feature film.
    In simple words. This was my film school. I learned a lot making this movie.

    Sadly, I still haven't decided what to do with it.
    As I try to figure that out, I have started pre-production on my next film. It will be a comedy:)

    Through the Same Lens (2012)

    [ame=]Through The Same Lens (Official Trailer) - YouTube[/ame]

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    I've seen a couple earlier versions of this trailer on IndieTalk. Looking good! Congrats on getting it done!
    2001 Productions Web Site


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      Definitely have made improvements to this :) Im sure you have been learning a lot lately, congrats!

      Did you always want this to be a comedy?
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        Looks really good! And I totally can relate to what you said about this pretty much being your film school. Hands on and hit and miss is the best way to learn.


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          Thanks for the positive feedback.

          With this project. I wanted to make a movie like paranormal activity and cloverfield.
          Meaning handheld and found footage. I didn't want to make it a horror or monster movie.
          So I decided to make it into a twisted, intense, disturbing film in which you see people recording their daily life and the drastic measures they take.

          The drama aspect of it is the struggle of a couple trying to have a kid. Side story of the main character having an affair. Things get complicated after that, to the point that guy snaps and does some messed up things.

          Question. What's the best way to spread the film trailer around? Meaning, getting more buzz over it.

          And to answer Nick's question.
          No. I didn't tend to make this into a comedy.
          I want to be known for diversity within my films.

          I liked a storyline I came up for a comedy. I decided to head that direction for my next project.
          My main goal is to create movies that are twisted good.