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  • Now What - short description

    Now What is about the happenings on the luxury liner Cosmic Traveller.

    1. Pilot - Sci-fi experience. See thread Two TV series' for sale - space adventure.

    2. Bugging the Dragon Master - Ocee working on a science expierment with guidance of Bit Crazy and the help of Nari, shrink the ship. The Cosmic Traveller the size of space dust gets pulled into another ship called Dragon Master. The ship is ran by a group that few like. So they cause some problems. They leave the ship and hide behind a planet, increase in size and put cloak on to get out of the area.

    3. Wild MaryJane comes a calling - The teens from the Goddess and three of the teens on Cosmic Traveller get together and to bake special brownies for the school bake sale. Things go wrong but no one gets hurt.

    4.WTF - They have a pet convention going on on the ship. People start falling asleep for no reason. A group of kids open the gate to the petting zoo and shoot off firecrackers. The firecrackers scare the animals. Some the animals get away and some of those are dangerous when scared. They catch the ring leader but later find out the kid disappeared and was sleeping all day.

    5.Secrets - Escaped cons take hostages. Ocee gives up his secret but their are others secrets that are kept from Ocee.

    6. Game Cube - The game cube is virtual reality game. Mariska takes complete control and takes her own hostages in away. One of the hostages is Nari who shoot electricity out of her fingers and almost cause overload on the ship.

    7. Overload - Nari gets sick. The special brownies cause an imbalance in her body chemistry and almost blows up.

    8.Kidnapped - Both Goddess and Cosmic Traveller are docked at Willie's. The Goddess crew kidnap Bit Crazy and Uzumati. They need Bit Crazy's help and they need to talk to Uzu. (this continues in Space pirates 8)

    9.High and Mighty May Fall - Pontiff of the Hol-I(bad guys) comes on the ship with a little Wallaw girl. The girl ask for help because the pontiff treat in unpure way. They rescue the girl. Mariska and others mess with the pontiff's mind using the game cube and fibs.

    10.SOS : Se'Lo of Sodarit - After rescuing some Leep'Po from a damaged ship and dropping them off at their home planet they get stuck between two beings they don't want to be between. The Se'lo a race most don't know about but scary stories and a herd of asteroid monsters, the sodarit. They get away in a unique way and the help of the Krims.

    There are more episodes but I'm tired and don't want to give them all away.

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    The first three scene of pilot. I do not have animation software. I do illustrations to the voice overs.


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      first act

      episode 1 Now What - YouTube
      The sound is bad. Please tell me what you think, excluding the sound.