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Cron Lowell "Fallen Angels" Music Video Promo

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  • Cron Lowell "Fallen Angels" Music Video Promo

    Hey guys! Hope all of you are doing well. I recently wrapped up filming a music video for Cron Lowell about a week and a half ago and he told me that he wanted me to release a small teaser trailer for his video. He told me to keep it under 20 seconds.

    So I worked on it for 2 days and sent it to him. He wanted it be have an even darken tone, so I re-did some of the CC and he was really pleased with this video.

    The music video is going to be released April 11th and I am so happy with the footage that I got! So I hope you guys can enjoy this trailer and if you would, please give it a like and maybe even share it around! This is the best community I know, so I'm posting here first, as always!

    Enjoy! Ps. Watch in HD!!

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    Nice! I love the tone and that shot. I don't really get much of a sense of the music, though.



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      Yeah, I wanted to put his track on the trailer, but he didn't want anyone to even hear a portion of the song yet. Which I guess I can understand since he hasn't released the album yet!

      But thanks for the feedback man!