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Former Child Actor returns with Directorial Debut Indie Film

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  • Former Child Actor returns with Directorial Debut Indie Film

    Here's a FREE movie to check out online broken up into three parts. Warning. Rated R for some violence, partial nudity (Bikini types for strippers) and sex scene without full nudity.

    24 Hours In Las Vegas Full length free Movie. The story of a young con artist that selects to do a last minute credit card scam in Las Vegas without the help of a team. Within hours of his arrival he finds himself deeper into the game than he thought.

    Starring Raushan Hammond (Steven Spielberg's HOOK) , Katarina Leigh Waters AKA "Katie Lea" (WWF Wrestler)

    Produced, Directed,and Written By Raushan Hammond. All music written,produced by "Jason Shaw [at]
    All special effects by Raushan Hammond.Shot in Cannon HD. Edited With Sony Vegas.

    Now Available to buy on DVD 24 Hours In Las Vegas - Movie
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