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  • OVERDUE Experimental/practice Film

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    This is a short we attempted just for practice in screenplay. Took about three hours to practice and shoot. Unfortunately, the Vixia has trouble in shadowy areas, so footage is pretty grainy. Any ideas on how to eliminate this? Also, we don't have an extension for the mic so the dialogue wasn't awesome.

    Another idea someone told me was that transferring my footage through a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle would make the footage remain higher quality after and throughout the transfer. Is this true?

    Man #1: This building is... quite the structure. It's very... dramatic! You didn't bring me down here to rehearse a play, now did you?
    Man #2: No, just to finish one.
    Man #1: About ten years late, don't you think?
    Man #2: No. Just ten years overdue.

    Dialogue is a little contradictory, but we came up with it in about ten minutes.

    Thanks, guys!

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    Nice! The music fit perfectly, and the acting and lines were fine. I do have some constructive criticism on the cinematography. First off, you crossed the line of action (180 degree rule, google it) right at the beginning. That made it hard to follow spatially. Also, the camera moved way to much. Try making a film in which all of the shots are on a tripod. I'm not saying all of the shots in all movies have to be locked down, but I think it will help you a lot if you try it once. Although, the handheld during the fights was kind of nice. Next, you should look into lighting. The lights on in the background made it quite distracting. Try for better depth of field and/or lighting the subject more than the background. More lights and a higher ISO will help with your grain issue as well. When framing your shots, follow the rule of thirds. When cutting back and forth to the characters, try to keep each on opposite sides of the screen. It will visually help a ton. Finally, work on sound design a little. Try recording "room tone," or some audio in the room. If you use it under fast cuts with different audio, like during the fighting, it will sound a lot soother. Keep it up!



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      The footage is somewhat dark, and would look much nicer if remade with more lighting. The audio is a bit poor sounding. There's humming, changes in background noise, hissing, and other unpleasantly distracting features. There are some editing choices and shots that are incredibly confusing and strange (mainly the breaking of the 180 degree rule). The pacing needs to be picked up as well. It dragged on and could be far shorter. One of my biggest issues with the film is the cluttered background. The various items all around the room give a very cluttered and unappealing look which made me want to turn it off. The changes in the overall visual look really killed it for me though. Some shots are warm, others are cold. Some shots are shaky, others are still. Some shots are over saturated, other shots are far too desaturated. The emotions, thoughts, ideas, goals, motivations, or mood are not shown in the piece. There are various distracting jump cuts as well. Some of the framing is so unappealing, with some nice wide shots, and jarring close ups. The attire of the characters doesn't seem to exactly suit the tone of the piece either. The fight scenes could use some tighter editing and subtler Foley (punching, grunts, etc). The overall piece could use some sound work. A solid story could really help this film as well. If maybe a character was coming for revenge or there was some sort of identifiable goal, the piece would be much better. Here is my recommendation if you were going to remake it.

      Come up with a solid story, or at least characters with goals or motivations that make sense.
      Clear the various objects in the background that clutter the frame.
      Set up some lights to brighten everything up.
      Get a better mic or learn the technique of using a mic.
      Work on framing and getting coverage.
      In post, get rid of all of those jump cuts and 180 degree breaks.
      Edit the fight scene tighter, and pick up the pacing (perhaps start 40 seconds in).
      Add in some Foley to create atmosphere, tone and realism.
      Create an appealing correction and grade that suits the tone of the film.

      Although there were things that could be improved on, keep it up. I liked the tone and atmosphere you created. The acting wasn't half bad as well. Refine your skills and keep improving. You have talent, and if you work on the aspects of filmmaking that you lack in, I'm sure you could truly get somewhere and could be putting out some truly fantastic content.

      - Dominic


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        Good stuff. It was mainly a film we did just to find out if we could handle a fight sequence. So it was mainly just an experiment of cinematography and choreography.

        Story: Yep, understood. Originally, we were just going to open with the fight, no dialogue, no nothing. Just as an experiment of a fight sequence. But, I couldn't help myself and threw in three or four lines...

        Background: Also understood and pre-acknowledged. I just needed a place which people weren't walking through constantly.

        Lights: That is on the top of my to-get list.

        Mic: Right now, we use the Rode videomic. So, I'm pretty set on a mic. However, we have no extension cord nor boom pole, so we were literally filming handheld with the mic in my left hand. That's also on my to-get list.

        Framing: Definitely need practice in that... Will do.

        Jump Cuts and 180 degrees: That was actually the first time I heard of 180 degree rule, so I will improve next time. We're shooting a dialogue sequence on Monday, so I'll give it a go.

        Pacing: Was the fight lasted too long, or it was just too spread apart?

        Foley: We were going to, but we decided against it as I didn't think we could pull it off just yet. Now, all we have to record that is the same camera and the Rode mic. Is it easier to have a recorder and/or different mic?

        Color Grade: I personally hate the entire color grade of the film. I just couldn't find a filter that suited me. Hence, the jumping. It's prolly the last time we shoot in that location.

        Thanks alot, guys! Keep up the constructive criticism! Gimme more! ;)
        Seriously, I love the advice. Keep it comin'!



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          The fight was maybe a bit too long, but really pretty much fine. As Dominic said, some tighter editing could fix it up. A recorder is better and worse at the same time. You can set levels and stuff more easily, but you have to sync it up later with the camera. The mic should be fine. And for the color grade, you say a filter. What software are you using?



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            I'm saying camera filter. The built in ones. I'm currently using both Pinnacle Studio 14 and PowerDirector 12. Not the best programs. On PD, I literally can't view the finished product until after I've transferred it to a WMV file. On PS, while the fx and tools are easier to use and look better IMO, it freezes up constantly and cannot make a 1080p video file.


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              Originally posted by Danny Mellino View Post
              I'm saying camera filter. The built in ones. I'm currently using both Pinnacle Studio 14 and PowerDirector 12. Not the best programs. On PD, I literally can't view the finished product until after I've transferred it to a WMV file. On PS, while the fx and tools are easier to use and look better IMO, it freezes up constantly and cannot make a 1080p video file.
              I recommend the free version of DaVinci Resolve. It is practically a professional color corrector for free.



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                Sweet! Downloading now.


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                  I can't believe I forgot to recommend this to you. Check out HitFilms 2 express, it's free right now! Normally $150, it's completely free this month. It's an editing and compositing program.



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                    You're sure it's for free? I'd hate to be charged $150 down the road...


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                      It's what the official hitfilm website says: https://hitfilm.com/express/free