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PROLL OUT - Scifi Action with two Aliens

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  • PROLL OUT - Scifi Action with two Aliens

    Hi there,

    i wanted to share with you the teasers to my film-project "PROLL OUT" on which i've worked on the last 5 years. It's a SciFi-Action-Comedy set in earth orbit.
    It's one of the biggest independent-animation-productions in Germany and is mostly done by me alone. The film already permiered last year and we hopefully can release DVD/BluRay this year. For international audience and festivals we've dubbed the whole movie into English (partly with german accent, so you know where it comes from ;) ).

    Quiqueck & Hämat, two typical everyday aliens, are orbiting earth in their flying saucer QSS Bulldock to observe mankind. One day the bad Prollians, one-eyed redneck-douchebags from Outer Space, are attacking. An extraterrestrial battle breaks loose. Aliens, Spaceships, Explosions, Battles, Laserfights, Explosions, Missiles, Zombies, Explosions and Prolls!

    The teasers were produced as some kind of standalone shorts, so there are no spoilers.

    Also check out for more information.

    Hope you enjoy it :)