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  • the mugging

    My directorial debut, one of my actors was sucky, he's looking at the camera, just plain shy, is that my fault?

    take a look:

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    My biggest complaint is the shakiness of the camera work. Another thing to note is you shouldn't use brand names in your film unless you are given permission. Since you have the video monetized the chip company could make you take the video down if they were so inclined. As for the actor just staring at the camera, yes that is your fault as the director. As a director you are there to give directions. If you catch him looking at it you need to let him know what you expect and retake the shot. If you didn't catch it until post and reshooting is not an option then don't mention it. A lot of people won't notice it if you don't tell them. Pacing was decent and over all the film was good for a first project.


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      I'm not professional in criticizing movies, but as a viewer I would say, there is too much camera shaking and everything is going on so fast. Some of the shots were very good (e.g. clock on the wall). I prefer longer shots, so that people can follow story. But that's just my opinion. Don't give up creating :)


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        those are good suggestions, i agree the camera work was very shaky, the kid could not stop staring at the camera, we had to do like 5 takes and in the end, we had to scrap some shots 'cause the kid was HORRIBLE!! anyway, good learning opt, and LONG LIVE FILM!