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Snow Tubing Adventure : A Video by Havey

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  • Snow Tubing Adventure : A Video by Havey

    Hey everyone. Sorry I have been MIA so much the past few months. I have had quite a bit of opportunities come my way and I have just been so busy with multiple projects and other real life related things. Everything should be slowing down within the next few months and you can guarantee I'll be back on here daily! :)

    But with that being said, I have found some free time to make this video with my two younger brothers. We decided to film our adventures we have over the year of 2014 to just showcase everything we do.

    Our first adventure brought us to the wonderful Winterplace Ski Resort, here in WV.

    We decided to tube and it was honestly crazy fun.

    Shot totally with our GoPro and only edited is out first video of the year!

    Please like and comment if you want. I love to hear feedback! :)

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    Where the crap is this! I want to go!

    I thought the clip was cool, it was a bit dark though no?


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      This is in West Virginia. At a ski resort!

      And it was pretty dark for sure. We wanted to try to go during a time with clear skies, but unfortunately the weather has been insanely bad here over the past two weeks and we really just didn't want to wait any longer.


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        Nice! The main other thing I would have done if I were you was really more with the editing. I see in your post that it says that you barely edited it, but I like the touches with the music. Some color correction would have been nice, some saturation perhaps. Also, although I can tell that it is pretty fast (I've been snow tubing) the video makes it look not as fast. Maybe something like a radial blur in AE coming down. As it is I think it could have been a little shorter. I really liked the shots at night. The music made it very energetic. Overall, great vid!



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          I was going to add some CC to the video, then decided not to. I really don't want to take away from the raw, real life feel of the videos. But with that being said, I have had a few people comment on the color, so I may do some more post work on the next video. But thanks for the feedback my friend!