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Where[at]were you[at]during the OJ Simpson trial?

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  • Where[at]were you[at]during the OJ Simpson trial?

    Where were you during the OJ Simpson trial? Did you record any moments related to the news coverage, the trial, or the verdict? We’re collecting video and audio material for a documentary about OJ, the tragic murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and the cultural phenomenon that was the trial. This will air to air on a major cable television network in 2014. We’re interested in EVERYTHING OJ -- before the trial, during, and after, inside or outside of Los Angeles. If you have or know of such material, or if you'd like more details about the project, please contact us at oj[at]
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    What...... The..... &%*$...... is..... this......

    I hope your keyboard just messed up on you, because this looks like some sort of spam bot with all the [at] symbols going on lol
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      Just tried to type that [at] symbol. It's doing that to me as well.


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        I remember the trial only vaguely, unfortunately. I do remember the car chase, though. Me and my brother refused to leave the TV cause it was kind of fun to watch. Didn't change the channel or anything. Heh.
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          He edited it, so it must have been a keyboard mistake LOL


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            Whoops. Ignore this post. Never mind. Look away. Go on now. Nothing to see here! Why are you still reading this post?
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              Yes I know this, that is to prevent spammers from capturing your email, like nick[at]

              but his paragraph looked like this,

              hello[at]there I hope[at]that we all can [at]get[at]along.
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                Oh, oops. Didn't read his statement and came to the conclusion that there must have been some website error. My bad :)