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Adobe After Effects Compilation- My Best So Far!

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  • Adobe After Effects Compilation- My Best So Far!

    Hello everyone this is my Adobe After Effects Compilation of my best So far
    please leave some feedback or anything you feel is necessary

    have a look at my channels because i am slowly getting better and uploading a lot


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    Have you made any compositions on your own? Following the tutorials from Film Riot and Video Copilot are good but they will not get you a job. It shows you can follow. Can you lead? Can you innovate and create something original on your own? I am not saying you shouldn't use Film Riot and Video Copilot to learn After Effects. There is nothing wrong with that however don't expect job requests or lots of praise for following directions that others have put forth.


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      thank you, i am quite new film making and have been working on some of my own stuff- but it turned out horrible. thank you for your reply


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        It is ok to be new and to make test footage from tutorials. Everyone starts somewhere. However I honestly think if you are new compositing should be the last thing you should be worried about. Worry about your lighting, your framing, and general cinematography first. You don't need visual effects to make a good movie starting out. Work on the basics before you over complicate things is what I guess I am trying to say.