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A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

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  • A Woman Scorned (Silent Horror Short Film)

    A Woman Scorned is my Silent Horror Short that I had to shoot for a class at Full Sail while obtaining my degree in digital cinematography. The criteria was: 2-3 minutes, no sound effects, music was okay. I also had to have at least 1 low angle shot, 1 high angle shot, 1 close up, 1 medium shot and 1 Long shot. As well as break the 180 rule.

    This is what I came up with. Let me know what you guys like and don't like about the film.



    I had to take this film down for now. It is being edited and will be added to a compilation. More information coming on that in the next few weeks.
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    Nice! I loved it! The overall tone was awesome, and the music helped a lot.



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        Thanks you two for watching it. I am glad you guys enjoyed it. Overall I am happy with it. So far everyone that has watched it liked it with a lot of people saying it is the best thing I have shot yet. I am torn between this one and In Pajamas as my favorite. Both have elements I really liked.


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          Dude, you have really increased your skills my friend. Keep up the great work, it was been really truly amazing to watch you grow in your abilities over the last few years!
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            I have decided to put some of the footage shot for school to work for me. Check out my Crash the Superbowl Ad and if you like it show me some love. It takes some time for the page to load so have patience.



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              Wow. That's a bit different from the last one. Nice re-edit!


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                I liked it. The only thing I wasn't big on was the music. Too Halloween. Just my personal opinion, using anything that is or even sounds close enough to theme music for something so big is a bad idea. For instance, the whole time I was just thinking Halloween. I had to rewatch with the sound off to focus on it more. Just my personal opinion. Otherwise it was fantastic!


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                  I liked it a lot - nicely done.
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                    Thank you everyone that has commented. I really appreciate the support, the comments and the time you took to view the film.