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"About Me" Video For My Master's Degree

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  • "About Me" Video For My Master's Degree

    Hello all,

    I just completed a short video that I made as part of my Master's in Public Relations degree through Full Sail University (online course).

    As a publicist, I am hired by clients who put me in charge of handling all of their publicity and marketing. I help create their image and monitor their online social media presence.

    For my final thesis, we are required to find a business/client we would like to plan and promote an event for. I build, from the ground up, their social media presence and advise them on the direction to take their image. I chose a person I played baseball with many years ago. He recently went through some health issues but overcame them and as a result, decided to start his own personal training business in my town. It's a perfect company for my project since it is still very new.

    Here is the "About Me" video I made for his website, using nothing but the gear I received from Full Sail: Sony HD Handycam HDR-CX430V, Audio-Technica Pro 70 Lavalier Mic, MacBook Pro w/15" screen, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (included with the CS6 Master Collection software).

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    As far as documentary style films go I felt this was a good one. I like how you broke the interview up with action shots and your cinematography was pretty good in it as well. Over all it was a little slow for me in parts but it does get the point across. Good luck with the project and your career!


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      I agree. Jsthompson79. I felt it was slow in some parts too. And there are shots that could have been steadier. Nothing was staged other than the interview. The still photos were pics he had taken with his phone and placed on a flash drive earlier in the year. They were low res but I think they played out ok.

      He literally was running during his 5 a.m workout and I was following his route in my truck, driving and holding the camera at the same time. Then I would pull up a few feet ahead, run out of my truck, frame the shot and decide what movement I wanted. The jump back in, and meet him at the next point. All in all it was a bout a 5 mile jog for him and 5 mile drive for me. The purpose of this video was to present him as a likable person (which he really is), to invite the audience to feel like they know him and relate to him, and then to promote his business and hopefully help him get new clients. So really, it's a commercial "hidden" inside the story. Thank you for your feedback and for watching!!!


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        Hey man compared to what I can do, this is great. How long did this take you to create?


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          Thank you Frank!!! The interview segment took about 3-5 to hours with setup, multiple takes, lunch, then break down (lights, gear, etc.). The following week, on the Monday of the Veteran's Day holiday (no traffic), got up at 4 am to meet him at the park by 5 am for his workout. I wanted to get the sun coming up but the sky wasn't clear enough until about 7 am. for those two hours we walked that path and i got a few shots of him there at the park. It was very cold! Then I tracked him on his run and ended just a few minutes before his first client arrived which was at 8:30.

          Since I am trying to spin many plates with school and everything, I wanted to get the editing done ASAP so I worked almost non stop for 72 hours. Only stopped to sleep for a few hours and eat. But coffee was my main diet. TIP: SAVE OFTEN! My software crashed TWICE and I lost everything. Recover didn't save anything for some reason. But it was for the best. Forced me to see things differently each time. Encoding and uploading, as you all know, takes forever too.

          So all in all, I would say that this entire project took a total of about 85 hours.


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            Nice! It accomplishes it's job very well. Like jsthompson79 said it could get a bit slow, and there were a few other small things that could be improved like the shot with the zoom, and I felt at the end it could have cut back to him in color. Overall nice job!



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              Forgot to mention to stay after the credits. Just something that "lightens" it up for those that stayed after.