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London Chinatown - Short Documentary Film

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  • London Chinatown - Short Documentary Film

    Here is another short I recently produced. Just something simple I shot around London Chinatown, mainly as I am new to London I just wanted to explore a little.
    This mini doc contains video clips and ends with a few photography time lapses that I shot using Magic Lantern on my Canon 600D DSLR. Various lenses used including 18-135mm, 28mm, 50mm and a 58mm lens.
    Feedback welcome

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    Cool stuff, but this is more geared towards "video clips" not shorts. Im not sure, let me know.


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      Thanks Charles
      I guess it could go under video clips, I don't know really. I see it as a short 'documentary' film, a city symphony style documentary


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        Nice! I liked the timelapses.



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          Nice work! Although there is room for improvement.

          First off, some closeups would greatly help this. There's a certain disconnection seeing everything from afar. There is a certain beauty and a whole other level of emotions and intensity when you see closeups of the environment or people you are with.

          Another thing is that there is no flow to the piece. Perhaps you could start with long, peaceful shots of plants, signs, and such. Then you begin showing people, and work your way into the busy night to show increasing intensity and energy in the area.

          But nice work. It has a really strange and unique tone, as well as some great shots and music.