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Love, Bundy - Teaser trailer

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  • Love, Bundy - Teaser trailer

    Hi all! Take a look at the teaser trailer for my new short film Love, Bundy. Love, Bundy is a short dark dramedy/romance centered around serial killer Ted Bundy, and what happens when a man such as he falls in love.

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    Looks like it may be fun. Keep an eye on the sound however. I know this is just a teaser but the sound quality at the end when the girl screamed and Bundy spoke was very bad. Sound is 60% of a movie. You dont want to jeopardize your story over bad sound.


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      Thank you for the feedback :)


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        I'm blaming you for this.

        I was sat in a library watching the trailer, feeling quite positive, it's been a clear day thus far. Then the scream played so loud that everyone around me noticed. I looked at everyone with a stunned look on my face and could only utter the word "sorry".

        Expect to hear from my lawyer.

        Other than that, looks good! Trailer kept me interested, fantastic shots!
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