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  • Super Short Teaser Trailer

    So my friend Carl and i have been working on our first full length feature film for anyone who didnt know. It is in fact a horror film, and we have been working the past couples weeks trying to get everything sorted out so we can get this show on the road!

    About 5 days ago I started on a Teaser, and after probably 17 hours of work, somehow the file corrupted and well...we lost it lol. Autsave apparently didnt work and anything we saved previously uhh somehow disappeared.

    So anyways, we got frustrated and yesterday I decided to throw this one together, I didnt spend as much time on it due to the fact it is just a teaser and also, we still have a couple months before we begin filming, we made this for our local fans that wanted us to give them a quick sneak peak.

    There are some obvious things wrong with it. But I am still decently happy with it!

    Watch in HD and full screen it! Better experience.

    [ame=]Immoral Existence - Welcome - YouTube[/ame]

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    The sounds are amazing, perfect. I would have the screen go black after the "thing" lifts up its head, then slowly fade in the title, leave music the same, but add some low trumpets when the title comes in slowly(if you have them). Those are just my thoughts

    Cool lookin vid
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      We had it a lot different the first time. But I agree we could have changed a few things around.

      But thank you!