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Our Resident Evil Remake (Reboot) shot with Red One

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  • Our Resident Evil Remake (Reboot) shot with Red One

    hi guys, we would like to show you our version of Resident Evil. We did a few scenes and trailers to show, how could be a real videogame adaption. many RE fans all over the world agree with us and liked our work so far. of course a few disliked our scenes because they did not want to see, they already have played on PS or on gamecube.

    so if you are interessted in this stuff please donīt hesite to check this out:
    first: this is our facebook homepage, we have there a few behind the scenes pics about the zombies and the mansion

    second: this are our scenes and trailer:
    feature scene 1 - wesker hits the investigation scenes (this is the only scene, which never happend in the game - it s only based on RE)

    feature scene 2 - this is the scene when alpha team started their search after bravo team in the forest

    feature scene 3 - this is our best scene! its the beginning when alpha team splits up to investigate in the mansion

    trailer with additional scenes not included in any scene: - this trailer showed up on fb CAPCOM.UK and has quite good critics.

    so we d appreciate it, if you could write some feedback, doesnt matter if you like it or not. just let us hear your thoughts :D

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    I really liked the look of it! However, there was a part where some of the voices were only on the left ear (I think it was left.) If I were you I would fix that. Otherwise, great job!



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      thank you for your comment.

      if you mean weskers voice: yes we noticed that. we made some mistakes when we recordered the wesker actor. we tried to fix it, but we were not able to. and due to that the wesker actor is very busy, we cant record him again. so unfortunately we had to accept the poor quality of that


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        This is pretty cool! I like the editing. Not sure about the audio tho..