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  • Comic twists

    I have finally done it...I have finally added a comic twist in a video!
    Check it out!

    Christian Radclyffe

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    hahaha. I get it. editing wise it could use a little tightening up but nice vid.
    Never a day's rest.


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      Here's the updated version!


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        Are you kidding? This is the first night of a three-day weekend and I can't access your video? Exactly how many people are getting into the "I drink alone" syndrome. It would be shame on me too, but the party here started early. No, I don't hang out with my imaginary friends any more. Maybe I should ask them what they have to say about this.
        L A Morgan
        Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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          Good content of filming. I like the angles you were going for. I was baffled a little when it seemed that she was the only one in the city as if it was deserted.

          Good job I look forward to you sharing more.


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            I've watched it a couple time, and I don't get the joke. Can you explain?

            A couple notes:

            1. It is very obvious in a large number of shots that she was standing still and had just started to run. You should be having her start a lot further back than where you want to cut into the shot so she is in a full run.
            2. There a couple shots where you don't successfully follow her very well.
            3. The follow shot where she is running across the football field has far too much camera shake to be usable.
            4. lastly, I think this could be cut down to half this length. The endless running just gets monotonous.