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  • First Music Video

    Although I am a little disappointed in the quality of the song recorded I wanted to post my first music video anyway. This was the audio that was given to me. Believe it or not I was able to clean it up a bit in Adobe Audition. I took out the hiss and amplified the sound as it was recorded very low.

    A friend of mine is renewing his vows to his wife and wanted to make a music video to show at the reception.

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    Nice job! I think there was a shot towards the begging that was slightly out of focus. Nice job with the syncing! The cinematography and color correction was good. Was that a slider in the begging? If so, I would have liked to see more of that throughout the video, because I really liked it. For most music video's, I would have said that the pacing wasn't great, but because of the material, I liked the slower pacing. At the end, I would have started a fade to black with the music and not wait quite until the end. Overall, very nice!



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      All you really need here is multiple locations of him signing his song. Then you got a cool music video :)

      Set a day aside and go do it!
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        Thank you guys for the great critiques and the comments.

        AF - I didn't use any sliders the movements were done in post.

        Nick - Unfortunately, there is a time and scheduling issue. He gave the audio about 6 days ago and we had limited time to shoot. We ended up shooting in my home and in my wife's photo studio. The wedding is Friday in three days. Truth be told if we had more time we need to re record that track and vocals to get some better quality. He has a home setup that he did it on so...

        Now that I have gone through it once I know I can do a lot better. He loves it by the way. Me, not so much. I am happy to have learned so much in the process and I'm eager to get to the next one. I know now to shoot as many takes as possible. I only shot 5 for this and ran into issues that would have been a lot easier had I shot more takes.

        Thanks again guys for your honest opinions that means a lot to me.


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          Great start for a fist music video. If you keep grinding away at it you'll only get better. Trust me I know how you feel when you say you can't wait to apply what you've learned to the next project!
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