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Caden (2008)

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  • Caden (2008)

    Ok so first a little backstory on this..

    I made this one shortly after I got serious into filmmaking (So probably about my 3rd film here) I was thumbing through all my old films and came across this and decided to upload it. Keep in mind I was 16 when I made this, so the quality isn't like the stuff I have now, but I still think the narrative is pretty decent. (Shot this with a Canon powershot a630 btw <--camera was ghetto lol) But most of the actors were friends and family so don't expect amazing performances from high-schoolers lol. Idk I never thought it was that good til I went back and watched it, and thought it was actually pretty decent.

    I've improved a lot on my writing since then, as I know some of the writing in this one is pretty upfront sometimes, but hey! I was 16! I put the synopsis below, if at nothing else I hope you guys are entertained by this one. Enjoy!

    SYNOPSIS: A man tries to come to terms with his demons, learning to move on from his past. His will to live dwindles everyday, as the troubles of life cave in.

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