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Grading & Comparing the first Black Magic Pocket ProRes Files

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  • Grading & Comparing the first Black Magic Pocket ProRes Files

    We are very thankful for John Brawley’s first ProRes Files of the Black Magic Pocket Camera.
    We have decided to use Final Cut X for grading because we want to know how to get some useful pictures in a short time without using a color grading software like DaVinci.

    Our goal was to make a quick and uncomplicated color grading video without an additional grading software. Therefore we used Final Cut X and we were pleasantly surprised about the results.

    Lenses used:
    SLR Magic 35mm F1,4
    Olympus 14-35mm F2,0
    Olympus 7-14mm
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    Interesting, it seems the stock footage is very unsaturated, almost as if the camera was not picking up the colors, almost black&white looking.

    Very cool video BTW - Thank you!


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      That's cool. Now how did you do it?


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        The graded looks much better.
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          Hi Guys,

          I have a little gift for you. I made this short video to show you how to grade in a basic and quick way.

          Have fun


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            Now I get it. THANKS!


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              No problem. But this is really only basic grading , you can do much much more with a good grading software.
              Sorry for the bad sound in the video :-)


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                I don't have FCP X. But, seeing your tuturial explains to me how I can do it in FCP 7 which is what I have. The sound is pretty good for what it is. Thanks again.


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                  Perfect .... maybe you will like my Facebook Site ... that would be nice