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Eviction (Horror Short)

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  • Eviction (Horror Short)

    My friends at Lake Films!!

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    Nice work! Is this just a trailer? Overall, I thought the tone and all were pretty good. Here are my comments:

    The makeup, practical effects, acting, plot, etc. seemed to range from good to great. However, what was up with that aspect ratio thing or whatever was up with that? Was it SD? Anamorphic? The quality of the cameras didn't seem great. The music and sound effects were good. When was this made, and is the rest coming soon? If so, then I can't wait to watch it!



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      Thanks for your feedback!

      Yes, this was shot several years ago on SD (I believe 08 or 09). It is a 30 minute short but is part of a full feature trilogy film. Of course they now shoot everything in HD. They are continuing to make films and looking for adequate distribution for their material.


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        I thought that was really cool, I also thought that there were some clips that could have been left out and the trailer would have been better, anyone else?

        Thanks for sharing AWLeath


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          Thanks for the feedback Charles, much appreciated!! This filmmaker is actually a client of mine.