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    The Midnight Room is an anthology web series created by Zack Elledge and John Harn, who also write, direct, edit, and score. The most recent episode, "The Operative" can be found here:

    Please view, and leave feedback. Thank you.


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    Nice as usual! Here are my comments: the audio levels are off. At the beginning the sound effect thing was fine. Then, I couldn't hear the talking. When I turned up the volume, I heard that the audio quality wasn't great. I'm not sure if I gave this advice to you before, but play it back on several different devices. The audio balance can differ on different playback devices. I noticed that some of the shots were very shaky. I understand that this may have been done on purpose, but I would have locked down the shot. It also sounds like the audio is on or near the camera, because I can hear you handling the camera. If you just lock down the camera, it is easier to set and then rack focus, because you are only handling an off camera follow focus, or just the lens itself. I think it would be easier to watch if you had a few angles that you cut between. In addition, practice the shots with the rack focus before you shoot, because some were a bit off. The story can be a bit hard to follow because of the editing and coverage. The acting was very good. For the scene by the water, a windscreen may help eliminate some of the unwanted noise. The plot kept me watching right until the end, so good job with the script! Overall very good, I just pointed out a lot of the stuff that (I think) could make it better. Good job and good luck with the rest, and I can't wait to see more!



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      Thanks for the feedback. I'll share the comments with the other crew/cast members. I'm sure as time goes, we'll be able to put out an even better product.