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D3100 Video test -- Our Wasteland

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  • D3100 Video test -- Our Wasteland

    Hey guys heres our first attempt at youtube :) be sure to check out our most receent video also :) any commens and advice will be much appreciated. :D

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    Looks good! I love the music you chose, it's very emotional and would go great with a good scripted story.


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      Try adding a quick fade to between shots to make it more fluent to the eyes. Nice job overall.


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        Very nice! As space cadet said, music was great. Here are a few tips that could help you improve: try locking your camera down on a tripod. For videos like this, try limiting yourself to just the tripod, and 1 or no movements per shot. (E.g. only a pan, only a tilt, etc.) This will help your footage look smoother and overall more professional. Also, try limiting yourself to a single focal length per shot. (Don't zoom in the middle of the shot.) I also noticed that it may be good for you to try color correcting your footage. There were a few shots that could have used some tweaking. Overall, nice job.



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          Hey guys thanks for all the brilliant comments :D We will defo take on board all the comments you have suggested and will apply them to our next video, perhaps then you can have another look at our newest video (when its up) and give us feedback on that. Again thanks guys for the advice and comments :) Much appreciated.


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            Good music! Is this a comment on environmental issures?
            L A Morgan
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