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    I've been working on this at 4th Nail Productions for an incredibly long time now. Initially it was for pitching to networks but when that didn't pan out we decided to make it a web series.

    The premise is extremely unique. Our producer and host George Eli is a Roma, a group more commonly known as "Gypsies". Roma have a tradition of hospitality to other Roma who are traveling. Our producer travels the world staying with different Roma families in each city. We started with New York City.

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    Very entertaining! My great-grandmother was a gypsy, but the culture wasn't carried on in the family. I'm looking forward to seeing your next adventure.
    L A Morgan
    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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      Very nice! As LA Morgan said, it was very entertaining to watch, and I have to say, I learned a lot. Next time, try to work on the audio. There were times where it seemed we were only getting mono, and also, in general the audio was uneven. Aside from that, very fun to watch, and the pacing was great. Oh, and I remember seeing one scene with a weird fast zoom thing, and I would try to stay away from that.