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  • Retrieval Official Trailer

    After three years of work, this feature length film is almost complete. Retrieval has been made completely by self taught high schoolers, and behind the scenes production diaries can be viewed on the "video" forum under any of the posts including "The Retrieval Diaries." If you like the following trailer, please subscribe to us on youtube, and like us on Facebook here, we greatly appreciate any support we can get. If you're feeling extra generous, please spread this video around to friends, letting them know this film is being made entirely by high school students, we're currently trying to spread the video ourselves around to as many people as possible and any help, no matter how minor, is again greatly appreciated! Anyway, check out the trailer in full 1080p HD and enjoy!

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    Thats awesome guys. You guys got a fan haha. And when I read self taught high schools I got really excited, because I have been struggling with the fact I never went to film school, but you guys just proved you don't need too. That was really impressive, well shot, clean cut edited, the audio sounded great, the composition of the shots, lighting, etc. It looks great. What kind of camera did you guys use? And where you guys located?


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      This really looks great! The plot seems interesting, and as Petemc2490 said,
      well shot, clean cut edited, the audio sounded great, the composition of the shots, lighting, etc.
      I can't wait!



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        Pete – thanks for your kind words, we're glad you enjoyed the trailer! We shoot on Canon DSLR's, primarily the 5D mark iii, 7D, T4i, and for POV shots we use a Gopro Hero3: Black. We're located in central/northern New Jersey but we shoot all over for our videos.

        AF – Glad you like the trailer! More content is sure to come!!


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          I'm... I'm actually jealous of this
          "Nobody knows anything"


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            Very nice! I really enjoyed this.

            Twitter: [at]NewmanAtHome


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              Thanks to everyone so far for their positive comments, we're trying to promote our work to a larger audience now and you guys are helping immensely!