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  • Homeless hero | Season 1

    Episode two out now!

    x Episode three coming September 2013 x

    Hey everyone. If you haven't already seen the thread for the pilot, I recently created what I hope to be a multi-episode show on YouTube. It follows a homeless man's journey from insignificance to heroism on the mean streets of a British town.
    I'm hoping to infuse comedy and drama in this unique tale, and I hope you notice the adjustments I make each time, taking your feedback and putting it directly into the series.
    Thank you and enjoy!

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:
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    Hey man. So I saw the first episode the other day and I just finished up the second episode. I like the ploy and the all around idea. But I'm going to just comment on a few things that you might want to work on, or possibly change when you do these.

    First big thing I noticed was the audio. When the wind was bad, it was bad. It really muffled out the sounds of the actors voices. So you might want to find a nice mic or just really wait for days where the wind is not that bad.

    Second, the scenes that are suppose to be kind of serious (the fight scenes), I can't help but somewhat laugh, because of your actors. As a director I would really try to tell them to be a little more serious. Its almost like they are trying too hard. But I'm sure those are just a couple of your buddies who don't act, so its not a huge deal.

    Next is the fight scenes. I feel like you guys need to spend a little more time working and shooting those, they kind of feel too fake in a way.

    The last thing I will mention is the hard cuts that you do. Cuts are great and can really be nice, but it seems like you cut to different camera angles hard and the angles you cut to are almost unimportant to the scene.

    But overall I really enjoy these. I'm just giving you a couple of things that I saw! Goodluck with these man, good stuff.


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      Havey, thanks for the feedback!
      Issue of sound was just unlucky, the day before was really calm, but the day of the shoot turned sour. A good mic is next on my buying list, as I can't afford one right now. I'll review the fight scenes next time, and I agree my use of cuts was at times a little too much, as well as intentional camera shake I put in.
      Again thanks a lot!


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        Nice job! I completely agree with Havey on his points, and I'm going to watch it again and pause when I have a comment.

        1: Music choices were good, but the music cuts were too sharp. Overall there is a lot in the sound that can be improved as Havey said, from maybe some foley to sound to music.

        2: Overall I like the color correction, but it wasn't even with itself. For shots like 0:30, you can use masks to bring down the sky, and keep the rest of the exposure normal. First what I would do is color correct all of the shots the same, and then add an adjustment layer with whatever more stylized color correction you may want.

        3: This is back to the sound. When you move to a new location, record a few min of sound. You can put that under the video across the whole video and mute tracks without dialogue. This helps it flow better.

        4: Continuity. There are a few times where a character is standing up or something and in the next shot they are sitting down.

        5: Camera angles. I think Havey mentioned this about the editing, but just in general, I thought they ranged from great to horrible. (No offense.) Some of the opening shots were amazing, but sometimes the handheld went a bit too much. Try to stick to shots where you don't have to change focus so much. The running scenes were mostly o.k, but it exposed rolling shutter when you panned too fast.

        6: Great editing on the jump!

        7: Focus was much better than the first, but still could use some improvement.

        8: Great last shot!

        Sorry if that was too harsh, just trying to help. I did enjoy it overall and can't wait for the next!



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          Thanks for the feedback. I'd rather you were too harsh than too kind, how else will I learn?
          Thanks for point #2, I hadn't noticed that. I'm surprised you liked the jump shot, I was really worried about that!
          I'll take all this onboard next time. Quite a few points laid out were due to bad planning, we had to change the location of the jump and fight last minute so I had to think of the second half in my head as we were shooting!


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            Anonymous, what's your sound workflow? I remember you mentioned the zoom H1 or something on another thread, do you use it as is, or can you plug in a shotgun mic, or is it good to use on it's own but with the shotgun plugged into the camera? I'm just unsure of what the best results would come from.


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              Originally posted by GradeBFilms View Post
              Anonymous, what's your sound workflow? I remember you mentioned the zoom H1 or something on another thread, do you use it as is, or can you plug in a shotgun mic, or is it good to use on it's own but with the shotgun plugged into the camera? I'm just unsure of what the best results would come from.
              I do use the H1. For natural noise, I would use the H1 with a windsock. It picks up high quality sound from all directions, but for dialogue, use a shotgun and plug it in to the H1. It has a mini input though, so you may need a converter if the shotgun you choose is xlr. I am looking for a good shotgun mic right now, and do just use the H1 as is. This is a good temporary solution while I look for a shotgun. My only complaint is that without a windsock, it picks up a lot of that annoying wind noise, and also it is not at all directional. If you do buy it, get headphones, to monitor the levels. Sound is not my specialty, but I do love the H1. You just have to sink up the sound in post, so use a slate or something when filming. Bottom line: Get the H1 for about $100, and then in addition buy a shotgun mic for dialogue. Hope this helps! (Oh, and I just re-read your question. If you can plug a shotgun mic into your camera, that great because you don't have to sink up the sound in post.)



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                Ok cheers that was helpful. I think I will get the H1 for the next episode, and I made my own boom pole out of a trekking pole, so it looks like I'm set for episode 3! I'll try and get it out before I go away, but if not it'll be in early September!


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                    Problems aside, I think you did a good job for your first videos. Good luck with the project!
                    L A Morgan
                    Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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                      Forgot to mention, the film will be preceded by an improved 5-10 minute recap of the series, with a little more background. Also, the film will have an entirely original score, composed and performed by myself and a group of friends! Might release a sample soon.


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                        Ok, forget all that! 5-10 minute recap will still be happening but the feature will not. It was going to happen, but I have now come across an opportunity for myself that sort of comes first sadly. It also negates the need for making this film for my student portfolio; I wish I could still go ahead with it but as with anything, financial constraints mean I can only do one thing.
                        Don't worry, however, I have a new short film coming in October, the new Homeless hero season begins in November and the thing I will be doing instead of the feature will hopefully happen in March next year!