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The Unremembered (Short Film Teaser Trailer)

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  • The Unremembered (Short Film Teaser Trailer)

    Hey guys. So since I'm in the very EARLY stages of preproduction on a film that I'm wanting to get started on shooting this winter. I thought it would be a cool idea to get a short film put together. I tried thinking of different ways to get my community involved. I made posts online. Talked to people, everything. And it really just seemed like no one here wanted to help out, whether it be crew or acting. I even offered to pay some, and still no bites. So pretty discouraged, I went to one of my good friends and we sat down and thought up a storyline for a short film, involving only 1 actor and an extremely small budget. Somehow I think we managed to do it. Even though we don't have all of the equipment we need we are going to try to start shooting within the next two weeks.

    Since we are going to try to go big with a feature this winter we don't want to pour money into this project so we are just going to try ot make due with what we have.

    As for the storyline, we are still tweaking a few things, so I'm not going to post a huge logline. But the basic premise of the story is based around 1 man, lost in the woods with minimal supplies. Has no memory on how to get back home and has to learn to adapt and live by himself in the thick forest.

    The story is MUCH deeper than that, but like I said, since we are still working on some things, I don't want to give too much as of yet.

    But we do have THAT set in stone, so since over the past 2 weeks (how long we have been working on it), friends and family have been asking what it is about and wanted to see at least some pictures. So we decided to do one better and make a quick 30 second Teaser Trailer for the film. So..

    Here it is. The Teaser Trailer for my upcoming short film "The Unremembered."

    Please feel free to share, like and comment on the video. Subscribe for more news and updates! Thanks so much guys! :)

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    Looks good!



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      Looks good. But, not to seem negative over little things, but 'The unremembered' seems to me like a really generic title. I've seen countless videos and indie videogames named 'The [something]-ed', and so to me the title doesn't strike me as something interesting that I would want to watch. Of course feel free to disagree; the video itself looked intriguing.


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        Well the title plays a super important role in the film. You will see what I mean when you see the final product. But thanks for the feedback and everything man.


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          That looks cool, very Rambo. Good luck with the project!
          L A Morgan
          Novels, Screenplays, Short Scripts, and Music


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            Thanks a lot! If I'm being 100% honest we wanted to throw people off with this trailer. The main reason we made it was to make people around us happy, because they kept heckling us for a video haha.

            The real story to this is really emotionally strong and not as fast paced. It has a lot to do with storytelling. But there is going to be a lot of action for survival type stuff in it!

            I'm glad you guys like it though, thanks for the feedback!


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              We need more short films with actual story-telling anyway lol, so major props in that regard. Most short films you find online are just "ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ACTION CRAPPILY ACTED DRAMA GAY SHORT ZOMBIE ZOMBIE" lmao sorry... but anyway, Cant wait to see it man!


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                Yea, we really wanted to try to stay away from the average short film.

                Its either usually Zombies or something Sci-Fi related. We wanted something heart felt, with a mix of action and adventure in there. We really hope we can hit it on the head. Today made our first official day of filming and I am pretty proud of the outcome, even after just day one!

                If you guys want to keep up with the film, you can find me on Youtube or my Facebook fan page. We are updating with pictures every couple days and once a week we are going to be doing a behind the scenes!

                So yea..



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