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30 Second Horror Short

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  • 30 Second Horror Short

    Here is a 30 second horror short I shot for my final in lighting 1 for Full Sail's Digital Cinematography degree program. Please let me know what you guys think of the end product.



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    Hey Jsthompson79

    There are a few issues here. Its not just the lighting but the camera angles, background, framing, - all of these will help with you lighting. For example, you should really start to play with some depth of field in combination with your lighting. You should always add some depth to the shot instead of your actress sitting right next to a wall, if there was some separation there you could have done some dramatic lighting in the background and back lighting.

    Just a few thoughts, need to finish up some writing! Best of luck!

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      I feel like what you were mainly missing were angles. And when I talk about angles I mean angles to help better support your lighting. I do agree with Nick, when he says that you need to work on developing some depth of field with your shots. But I'm sure as you continue to go through school they will keep teaching you techniques.

      What kind of lighting did you use for this?