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Don't Stop / narrative Music Video shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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  • Don't Stop / narrative Music Video shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

    Here is my latest project shot with the BMCC :

    Getting DNGs in Resolve is such great thing ! I would recommend anyone to go this way for any commercial, music video and narratives..

    That was my first workflow experience :

    - I first exported my Proxies from Resolve
    - Imported the Proxies in FCPX where I did the editing
    - Exported an XML to get my project in Resolve
    - CC in Resolve.. then I exported my timeline (Prores 4444 2,5K)
    - Resizing + effects in AE.. I exported the Master Composition using 2:35 ratio

    Produced & directed by MARC LINNHOFF -
    Music by BROAD RUSH get the full version here :
    Backstage photos from P-mod :
    Shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

    Starring : Joffrey Schmidt - Clarisse Hagenmuller - Denis Jelly - Nina Schouler - Pierre Riff

    Camera & post-production : Marc Linnhoff
    Lighting : Ludovic Haas - Dom Pichard/P-mod
    Make up : Anne-K Lejeal - Elsa Parmentier

    Special thanks to Yoko Tsuji, Jacques Roth, Tsaki, Arnaud Masson, Jessi & Michel..

    Lenses used : 21 & 35mm Zeiss CP.2 - Tokina 11-16 + Mikkro Nikkor 55mm AI-S
    Marc Linnhoff // Director - Filmmaker

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    Interesting! Extremely well shot. Personally, I found the story a bit confusing, but the tone and quality in general was amazing. Keep it up, and welcome to the forum!



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      Thanks for the feedback :)
      Marc Linnhoff // Director - Filmmaker


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        I can honestly say I had absolutely no idea what was going on and that was one of the oddest videos I have ever watched, but it was really well done. The BMCC is such a nice camera.

        So good job man.