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My first short - Very crappy but gets better from here!

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  • My first short - Very crappy but gets better from here!

    I shot this with my Wife's old Sony DSC-H7. I just built a Hackintosh and wanted to try out my new Adobe Premiere and After Effects. This was my time messing with video editing. Now I'm hooked. So this has spawned a whole new expression outlet. This is nothing that I'm proud of but it is my first. It can only get better from here, LOL!

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    Interesting idea. As I'm sure you can tell, you took it way to high with the color correction. Even if you are going for an extreme look, try not to get any grain. In addition, when he walks toward the camera, he blows out, so you may want to drop the highlights. Also, you may want a stable camera. You should probably invest in a decent tripod.



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      Yeah I went real high on purpose because of the grainy recording from the inferior camera. I recorded it in low light and made all the wrong decisions when getting this footage (BIG TIME ROOKIE!). Thank you for your comments I will take them into consideration next go round. I just wanted to get something to video edit and see how After Effects works.